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The Philippines has a rich range of collecting areas and eras to tease philatelists.  We have the traditional areas from postage to covers plus esoteric areas such as commercial control, official business (OB), VICTORY, and specimen overprints (the latter a 100+ year heritage). Filipinos lived under four flags of Spanish, American, Japanese, and self rule—all collectible.

For Washington 2006, our members* prepared a 1-frame primer of Philippine Philately 101.   This representative material, both common and rare, is linked on the left.   Each part has 4-pages in full color virtually expanded, shrunk, and cropped for an appealing presentation.  The YouTube video is this same exhibit put to Filipino music courtesy of Linda Stanfield.  Enjoy!

*Antonio Cuesta, John Hunt, Doug Lehmann, Rick Miggins, Bill Oliver, Don Peterson, Tommy Sim, and Bob Yacano.

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The IPPS will have a growing collection of slideshows showing areas of our hobby from general interest to very specialized. Pleae enjoy:

Queen Isabella II, As Portrayed on Philippine Stamps, 1854—1864 by Nigel Gooding, 26.02.2010.  
39 slides covering issues, cancellations, and forgeries (3.2MB PDF).

Mariang Makiling by Jose Rizal  This is a filler since we currently do not have many slideshows.  This is a 1968 translation by Arnold H. Warren.  The original was published by La Solidaridad (Spanish Newspaper) on November 23, 1890.  Warren made his translation from a document circa 1900.  There are translations on the Internet but none this long or complete.  It is a folk tale based on Filipino legend about a forest nymph. My
translation of the title would be Maria The Mountain Spirit.  Enjoyable reading no matter what your age.


The International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS) was founded in September 1974 by Frank and Linda Stanfield and was incorporated in Manila on September 24, 1974 (SEC Registration No. 58004) as a non-profit, educational organization.  The Society was organized in Manila, but with a growing membership abroad, especially in the United States, a separate overseas operations was established by Eugene A. Garrett in 1986.  The Philippine and Overseas operations are linked together to form the IPPS with the overseas portion also APS Affiliate number 54. The APS granted the IPPS affiliate status on September 10, 1975 thus providing a gateway service for its members looking for a Philippine society.

At the present time, IPPS-overseas operations have over 200 members from 12 countries (approximately 175 in the United States). Since its inception, IPPS has published several regular Society publications, including the Philippine Philatelic Newsletter (1974-1975), Philippine New Issue Updates (1985-1987), Philippine Philatelic News (1976-1990), IPPS News (1981-1991), and the IPPS Newsletter (1991-2004).  Today, IPPS-Overseas Operations publishes the quarterly Philippine Philatelic Journal (PPJ) pertaining to all aspects of Philippine philately, including new issues, membership news, meeting announcements, mail sales, national and international auction results, general topics, and serious research on Philippine philately.

IPPS sponsors regional and national meetings in the Philippines and United States.  The IPPS is the sponsor of the philatelic exhibition, PHILPEX, and other exhibitions in Manila; and IPPS-overseas operations was a sponsor of the world-class, international exhibition, WASHINGTON 2006, in Washington, DC. Following Eugene A. Garretts passing in 1996, the Eugene A. Garrett Award was created and is awarded to the Philippine exhibit judged the most outstanding at each APS eligible World Series of Philately show.

IPPS promotes articles and books published by its members.  Published topics include serious research on the stamps and postal history of all periods. Refer to the Philippines Philatelic Book Store under Publications in this website for a list of member publications currently available.  Other IPPS-member publications currently out of print, such as Eugene A. Garrett’s A Postal History of the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, 1942-1945 (1992), are available for research purposes from the American Philatelic Society Research Library.



Administrative Manual (5 pages with 8 entries)

  • A listing in date-chronological order of IPPS-Overseas Policies and Administrative Procedures now in effect


The International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS) is proud to sponsor the "Eugene A. Garrett Award" for Philippine exhibits.  The award consists of a medallion with certificate.

The purpose of this prestigious award is to provide meaningful recognition for quality exhibits of Philippine philatelic material and to encourage serious study of the subject.

The Award criteria are:

1. The award is available at APS shows (usually two annually), WESTPEX, CHICAGOPEX, NAPEX, and FIP World Philatelic exhibitions in the United States and the Philippines; and other shows as determined by the IPPS Coordinator-Overseas Operations.

2. The medallion and certificate will be sent in advance to the show when it is determined that there is a Philippine exhibit entry.

3. Only one award per show is given.

4. Membership in IPPS is not required.

5. The winning exhibit shall receive no less than a show VERMEIL.

6. Presentation of the Eugene A. Garrett Award is not mandatory.  The winning exhibit should be educational and well organized. The exhibit should be at least 90% Philippine material.

7. An exhibitor of a Philippine exhibit is not eligible to receive the Eugene A. Garrett Award if the exhibitor previously received the award three years prior to the date of the show.  The IPPS Coordinator — Overseas Operations will advise the show committee of any exempt exhibitors.

8. The Certificate is to be signed by the Show President (or Show Chairman), Chief Judge, and Exhibition Chairman; and dated.  The name of the show should be added to the Certificate.

9. If an award has been applied for and received by the show committee, but not awarded for any reason, it must be returned to the IPPS Coordinator-Overseas Operations.

10. Within a reasonable period after the show, the show committee is asked to provide the IPPS Coordinator-Overseas Operations with the following information:

(a) name and address of the winner,
(b) the title of the exhibit, and
(c) a list of any other awards presented to the exhibit.
Application for the award should be made to: Don Peterson, IPPS Award Coordinator, P.O. Box 122, Brunswick, MD 21716, (301) 834-6419, email



Established in 2008, this award honors Philippine stamp collectors who have provided exceptional service and many years of dedication in support and promotion of Philippine philately.  It is the Society's highest tribute.  The award is a striking laser engraved crystal trophy along with a certificate.

At the call of the President, a committee is formed with no less than five (5) members.  The committee is appointed for a single year and may award no more than two awards in any calendar year.

Recognized recipients to date are:

Peter W. A. Harradine—2013

William J. Oliver—2011

Ray L. Coughlin—2010

Linda and Frank* Stanfield—2009

Robert Yacano—2008

Abraham Luspo, Jr.*—2008


Abraham Luspo, Jr. (1953-2008)

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