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  • (this site).  Here we have 34-years of our journals from 1974 through 2008.  Plus a growing bibliography of other journals.  For example, the latter includes all issues of the scarce Elizalde Stamp Journal, 1939-41.

  •  Collections formed with over 10,500 quality images, from every era, compiled by Abraham Luspo, Jr. (1953-2008). This memorial site is maintained by IPPS member Tommy Sim (Texas).

  •  Republic stamps and postal history.  Sponsored by IPPS co-founder Linda Stanfield (Connenticut) with assistance from Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak (postage) and Nemy L. Rivera (seals) in the Philippines.

  •  A discriminating portrayal of Spanish-Philippine and other categories. Sponsored by IPPS member and Auction Chairman Nigel Gooding in the United Kingdom.

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We are extremely proud of our quarterly journal and it is the focal point, the heart, and vision of the IPPS and Philippine philately.  In 2005, we went to a full size format and the 3rd quarter of 2008 converted to full color.

Effective in 2009, an economic electronic only version membership was also inaugurated.  Fourth quarter, 2004, Don Peterson created a 30-year index of our publications to that date.  Using this index, in 2010, all journals were placed online less the most current 5-years.  This index represents seven (7) Philippine eras and a dozen (12) collecting topics with an added miscellaneous category.  The following is a recapitulation of these eras and topics:


  • Spanish
  • Revolutionary
  • US Administration (includes Commonwealth)
  • Japanese Occupation
  • WWII Guerrilla
  • Liberation
  • Republic

  • Postal History—Pre-Adhesive
  • Stamps
  • Postal History—Stamp Period
  • Private Perfins and Commercial Overprints
  • Postal Stationery/Postal Cards
  • Slogan Cancels
  • Airmail Flights and Service
  • Revenues (including Telegraphs)
  • Stamped Paper
  • Specimens, Proofs, Essays, Varieties, and Errors
  • Forgeries and Bogus Issues
  • Private Labels and Seals
  • Miscellaneous (bio's, books, etc.)

    Today, in addition to the auction, we have five recurring columnists that usually cover five of the seven Philippine eras.  Each journal is rounded out with research articles on other topics and eras from additional authors.  These are the quarterly columns (some we call corners):

  • Spanish Corner by Don Peterson
  • Revenue Corner by Doug Lehmann
  • Japanese Occupation Corner by Peter Harradine
  • US Administration by Craig Eggleston & Tommy Sim
  • Spanish Forgeries or Republic Era by Nigel Gooding
  • Republic New Stamp Issues by Hans Becker
    Luspo website
    & Ed Nocom


    Index to Articles, Journals, and Books  This listing keeps growing and is currently up to 32.  Leading this list are the 1904 and 1912 Bartels/Palmer books.  Journals and articles must have no copyright infringement and be PDF searchable.  Collectors are encouraged to add to this bibliography please contact our Webmaster.  NOTE:  Google periodically indexes this site, so the latest additions are not always found on our Custom Google Search.  The AFF Journals were the latest additions.


    The following articles from past journals will give you the flavor and scope of Philippine philately (PDF format):

  • Establishment of the Postal System in the Philippines [pre-Adhesive] by Emmanuel Encarnacion, 1985, 33 pages, 7MB—Spanish Era
  • The "Habilitado" Partners by Nigel Gooding's Forgery Corner, 2007 (color), 2 pages, 300KB—Spanish Era
  • Spanish Philippines Reprints of the Habilitado por la Nacion Handstamp, American Philatelist (APS) by Don Peterson, December 2010 (color), 8 pages, 7MB—Spanish Era
  • 1898: Five Philippine Governors-General Serve Rapid Fire Terms by Don Peterson, 2007 (color), 12 pages, 1MB—Spanish Era
  • The Aquinaldo Revolutionary Government in Luzon by Bob Yacano, 2003, 13 pages, 6.5MB—Revolutionary Era
  • Philippine Commercial Postage Stamps, 1910-1936 [perfins] by Arnold H. Warren, 1993, 7 pages, 5MB—US Administration Era
  • The 1926 Madrid-Manila [Airmail] Flight—A Heroic Feat by Linda Stanfield, 1975, 6 pages, 10MB—US Administration
  • Thrift Slogans on Postal Covers of the Philippines by Eugene A. Garrett, 1977, 3 pages, 8MB—US Administration and Japanese Occupation Eras
  • Japanese Occupation"Secret Marks in the Laurel Issue Cachet-Cancel by Eugene A. Garrett. 1979, 2 pages, 6MB—Japanese Occupation Era
  • From the Allied Intelligence Bureau to Mindanao: The "Free Philippines" Guerrilla Stamps by Walter H. Adler, 1991, 12 pages, 4.5MB, Reprinted from American Philatelist, September, 1982—WWII Guerrilla Era
  • Liberation VICTORY Cattle Certificates [Revenue Stamped Paper] by John Hunt, 2006, 6 pages, 13.5MB—Liberation Era
  • Anatomy of an Error by COL Gustavo C. Ingles, 1995, 5 pages, 4MB—Republic Era
  • Beauty and Values Abound in the PHilippine Christmas Seal Collection by N.L. Rivera, 2006, 16 pages, 14.5MB—US Administration and Republic Eras
  • Map of the City of Manila and Vicinity (November 12, 1901) by Douglas K. Lehmann, 2007, 4 pages, 6MB—US Administration Era
  • The map described in the last article, is scanned into 8 page-size sections that overlap and can be printed and reassembled for postal and fiscal history researchers.  There is also a 9th bonus map of Intramuros (inner city) District.  Screen views can be enlarged for greater detail; the map sections are numbered left to right (2 wide) and top to bottom (4 deep) and contain these areas:

  • Tondo and Sampaloc Districts
  • Sampaloc District
  • San Nicolas, Binondo, Saint Cruz, Quiapo, San Miguel, Ermita, Paco, and Intramuros (inner city) Districts
  • Sampaloc, Paco, and Pandacan Districts plus San Felipi Neri*
  • Ermita and Malate Districts
  • Paco and Malate Districts plus Saint Ana*
  • Map Legend
  • Map credits plus Pasay and Pinada*
  • Intramuros ( walled city) District
  • *Districts outside Manila City limits


    This listing is for Philippine Philatelic Books authored by our IPPS members.   NOTE: Prices quoted are for shipment within the USA.  International buyers please contact seller to determine if any additional postage is required.  If an IPPS member has authored a Philippine philatelic book and wants it included in the Book Store, please send listing information to Don Peterson, POB 122, Brunswick, MD 21716.

  • Spanish PeriodPostal Cards of Spanish Colonial Cuba, Philippines, and Puerto Rico by Robert Littrell (Editor) and Don Peterson (Philippine Section Author).  Includes plating data, dates of issue, plating varieties, postal history, and price list.  Much new information.  Hard cover, 121 full color 81/2x11 inch pages, 2010.  Contact for price and ordering details.


  • Spanish PeriodUnlisted Scott Catalogue Surcharged Stamps of the 1881-1888 Period by Don Peterson.  Describes 107 unlisted surcharged stamps, most of which have genuine surcharges.  Soft-bound, 37 pages, 3 color plates, 1997, plus un-bound 2008 update.  $20 ppd from Don Peterson, POB 122, Brunswick, MD 21716.


  • Spanish PeriodMail and Markings of Private Business Firms of the Spanish Philippines by Don Peterson.  Describes 239 private business firms and their markings.  Soft-bound, 107 pages, color title page, 1998. $20 ppd from Don Peterson, POB 122, Brunswick, MD 21716.


  • Spanish PeriodPostal History of the Spanish Philippines, 1565-1898 by Don Peterson and Geoffrey Lewis.  Describes the routes, rates, and other postal history of interior, overseas, and other mail. Hard-bound, 237 pages, 160 illustrations, color jacket, includes updates, 2000. $50 plus postage from Don Peterson, POB 122, Brunswick, MD 21716.


  • Provisionals/Revolutionary PeriodPostal History of the Philippine Republic, 1897-1901 by Bob and Angela Yacano. Philatelic Monograph, soft-bound, all color illustrated, updated and revised, 92 pages, 2011. $35.00 ppd from Angela Yacano, 158 Laila Lane, Mount Airy, NC 27030. [NOTE: Replaces 2005 50-page grayscale edition.]


  • U.S. Administration PeriodThe Postal Stationery of the Possessions and Administrative Areas of the United States of America by George T. Krieger (Editor) and Craig Eggleston (Philippine Section Associate Editor).  Philippine section updated, including a new price list, 81/2x11 inch pages punched for 3-ring binder (not included).  Color cover.  212 black and white pages.   2009.  Contact for price and ordering details.


  • U.S. Administration PeriodCatalog—Philippine Commercial Overprints, 1924-1935 by Bill Oliver.  Complete listings and illustrations of 10 different commercial overprints.  Soft-bound, all color, 10 pages.  Available on IPPS website, and through American Philatelic Research Library,, or call 814-933-3803, Ext. 246.


  • U.S. Administration PeriodForged Overprints on Stamps of the American Administration of the Philippines, 1899-1946 by John M. Hunt.  Hard-bound, 46 pages plus appendices, color plates, second printing 2008.  Available through American Philatelic Research Library,, or call 814-933-3803, ext 246.


  • U.S. Administration PeriodNapp's Numbers: Volume One: A Study of the 28 Plate Number Combinations Created By the Overprinting of U.S. Postage Stamps for Use in the United States Possessions and Administrative Areas, 1899-1946 by Joseph M. Napp.  Includes overprinted stamps for the Canal Zone, Cuba, Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Shanghai, China, and Hawaii.  GBC-bound, 274 pages, illustrated in color, fourth edition-2005.  $35 ppd from Joseph M. Napp, 5 Knollwood Drive, West Orange, NJ 07052.


  • U.S. Administration PeriodNapp's Numbers: Volume Two: The Philippine Islands Issues During the American Administrative Period, 1906-1946 - A Study of thee Plate Number Combinations and the Quantities Issued by Joseph M. Napp. GBC-bound, 348 pages, iillustrated in color, third edition-2005.  $52 ppd from Joseph M. Napp, 5 Knollwood Drive, West Orange, NJ 07052.


  • U.S. Administration PeriodNapp's Numbers: Volume Three: The Canal Zone Issues, 1928-1979 - A Study of the Plate Number Combinations Created for the Canal Zone Postal Service, 1928-1979 by Joseph M. Napp.  GBC-bound, 134 pages, illustrated in color, first edition, 2005.  $29 ppd from Joseph M. Napp, 5 Knollwood Drive, West Orange, NJ 07052.


  • U.S. Administration PeriodThe Post Offices of the Philippines (1898 - 1946) and Ryukyu (1944 - 1972) Islands Under U.S. Administration by Richard E. Small.  Spiral-bound, 37 pages plus appendices, 2000.  $25 ppd. from Richard E. Small, 12349 Coleraine Court, Reston, VA. 20191.


  • Republic PeriodNgos's 2014 Catalogue of Philippine Republic Stamps and Postal Stationeries, Volumes 1 and 2 by Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak.  Hard-bound. 1,100 pages. Includes postal issues from 1946 through 2013, design and background descriptions, specimens, unauthorized issues, errors freaks and oddities, commemorative covers, post office seals, and listing of First Day Cover cancels. $200 ppd  See this flyer for payment details.


  • Revenue IssuesFiscal Stamps of the Philippines: A Catalogue, 1898 to 1946, the Warren Update by Douglas K. Lehmann.  Soft-bound, 54 pages, includes taxpaids and savings stamps, 1993.  Available through American Philatelic Research Library,, or call 814-933-3803, ext 246.


  • Revenue IssuesA Pictorial Catalog of Philippine Cattle Certificates by John Hunt.  Describes cattle certificate types from the 1850s through 1992. Hard-bound, 365 pages plus appendices, illustrated in color, 2008.  Available through American Philatelic Research Library,, or call 814-933-3803, ext 246.


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    Abraham Luspo, Jr. (1953-2008)

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